Everyone has the right to emergency care and our help buttons are the perfect practical and affordable solution to 24-hour care for the elderly.

The process behind our panic button for the elderly really couldn’t be easier. You simply order a help button online via our website and we’ll send you a self-install package in the post. Our simple, step-by-step guide is easy to follow, with clear instructions on how to get connected, meaning that you can install one of our panic buttons yourself, quickly and stress-free. Alternatively, if you live far away and are concerned about a loved one living alone, you can get one sent direct to your parent or elderly family member who, with the help of a friend and our easy-connect guide, could even set it up themselves.

In order to respond to an incident, our call centre must have someone to contact who has a set of keys to your elderly relative’s home. Therefore, we will need two separate people who live within 15-20 minutes to hold keys (Key Holders). This can be yourself, or any other trusted friend, relative or neighbour who is happy to be contacted if your loved one is in need of help. If this isn’t possible, you may alternatively opt for a Key Safe with a secure unique code.

Once installed, the panic button means that you or your loved one is just a touch of a button away from instant assistance. Once pressed, the help button will connect your family member to our emergency response centre. This removes the need to remember any phone number or additional details – the centre will instantly know who and where you are, meaning they are able to assess the situation and act fast.

Self-installing a help button offers assurance for the whole family at a fraction of the usual cost; it’s a small price to pay for permanent peace of mind.

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