Can I wear my button in the bathroom?

Yes, the button can be worn in the shower, this is a very high risk area. In the bath we advise that you have the button on when you get into the bath in case of any difficulties but don’t submerge the button in the water. You can wear the button in bed at night so that it is there if you have any difficulties.

Will the button work in the Garden?

Yes! The button we provide works up to 50metres from the alarm base unit and we recommend you wear it all the time.

What happens if I press the button accidentally? – Monitored

Don’t worry if you press your button, when the emergency response centre answer tell them that you pressed it accidentally, they won’t be annoyed, they are there to ensure you are safe.

What happens if I press the button accidentally? – Non-Monitored

If you press your button accidentally then your respondents will get the call, when they pick up you will need to tell them that you pressed it accidentally and then they will shut the alarm call down for you and it will go back to normal.

What happens if my equipment malfunctions?

If your equipment malfunctions you will need to e-mail us telling us what’s happened and we will arrange for the equipment to be exchanged so that your service can be continued.

Will the equipment work if there is a power cut?

Yes, the equipment has a battery that will keep the unit running for 24hours. There will also be a verbal warning from the speaker saying that there is no power to the alarm base unit, this warning gets repeated until the power is reconnected.

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