We understand that personal alarms aren’t always the cheapest option, but they’re an amazing way to give the whole family independence. Whether your parent or you yourself are looking to live independently and comfortably in your own home but are worried about past or potential health scares, a personal alarm from Telehealth allows the whole family a little more independence to live with a little less worry. With a Telehealth personal alarm set up in the home, everyone remains happy and safe in the knowledge that if an accident happens then help is always on hand, fast.

It’s the perfect solution but we know that it doesn’t always come at the perfect price. That’s why here at Telehealth we’re aiming to change this. While you can’t put a price on peace of mind and the safety of your loved one, if we could, we’d like it to be a low one. We aim to provide an alternative and affordable answer to personal alarms for the elderly. Offering the same level of care and customer service, we are able to cut the additional costs of installation by providing you with self-installation packages without cutting down on any of the safety, reliability or quality aspects of our service.

The personal alarms can be ordered online and sent direct to you or your elderly relative in the post. They should arrive within a few days and are quick and easy to install with the help of our user-friendly step-by-steps guide. This means that it can be set up, hassle-free, by you, the user, a friend or relative. Once installed, you can rest easy knowing that help is always on hand when you can’t be. Our expert team at our Emergency Response Centre are specially trained; ready and waiting to provide instant assistance, 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round. What’s more, the pendant alarm is lightweight, waterproof and can be worn at all times. For more information on the simple process behind our panic buttons for the elderly head over to our ‘process’ page.

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